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Blood Detoxification Juice – How to Make It


  1. Beetroot
  2. Turmeric.
  3. Coriander leaves
  4. Water
  5. Fresh orange juice(optional)

1 beetroot, a spoon of turmeric(you can also use the root if you don’t have powdered). A handful of coriander leaves, 2 cups of water.

Wash all ingredients thoroughly (with salt or vinegar) and put everything in a blender.

Add 2 cups of water and blend. You can also add honey for flavour.
Strain the juice properly, serve in a glass and drink it fresh.

If it tastes strong and spicy, you can dilute the juice with water or add fresh orange juice to it.

•Beetroot is a powerful blood detoxifier it supports the liver in breaking down harmful toxins

•Tumeric has anti inflammatory properties, it contains an active compound “curcumin” which helps in blood purification.

•Coriander leaves have essential oil which helps remove toxins from our blood streams.

Making life changes will enhance this purification even more, by drinking lots of water and exercising. This would help with blood circulation.

Remember small changes in your lifestyle and diet can make a huge difference into your overall health.

Wishing you all a healthy life!

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